About Trichology

Trichology is a branch of dermatology that covers all matters relating to the hair and scalp.

A Trichologist is in essence a hair specialist who has been trained to diagnose and treat hair and scalp problems.

Visiting a Doctor may be helpful in some instances when suffering from a hair or scalp issue. However, a Trichologist has specialist knowledge, experience and time to deal with any issue. A Trichologist will take a holistic approach in reaching a diagnosis, taking things like the patient’s lifestyle and diet into consideration. They will also work together with a patient to find the best treatment options, be it topical medications or clinical treatments. There are some issues that may not be treatable by a Trichologist but they are trained to recognise these situations and will refer patients accordingly.

As well as diagnosing hair and scalp issues a good Trichologist will also give help and advice on how to maintain healthy hair and scalp and keep them in the best possible condition.

A qualified Trichologist will have received comprehensive clinical training and be a registered member of the Institute of Trichologists.